The Whites to turn purple? Leeds set to protest against Cellino

Massimo Cellino’s reign as Leeds United owner is one that fans of every club across the country has heard about. He is certainly a character, that can’t be denied, but he is a character that is increasingly damaging Leeds United Football Club. Following the news this weekend that 6 players, all signed by Cellino, mysteriously pulled out of Saturday’s game against Charlton through ‘injury’ (as reported by Graham Smeaton late last week), fans of the club have decided enough is enough and plan to make their voices heard for the remainder of the season.

Instead of wearing the traditional white of Leeds United to games, fans will wear the colour purple to show that they are unhappy with the way the club is being run. Why purple? Cellino has a bizarre fear of the colour purple, originating from his days at Cagliari owner. The Italian also has a fear of the number 17, so fans are being encouraged to wear shirts with the number 17 showing. Despite both being seen as unlucky however, Cellino believes that the two put together create a positive, as they cancel each other out.

It’s not just fans who are upset with the current situation, former players have taken to Twitter to show their thoughts on the club.

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