Injuries or is it player rebellion at Leeds United?

When one kid turns into my Year 11 class without neither homework nor excuse, I can take that. If another one rolled up with same excuse, I think tiny little alarm bells would start tinkling. If six turned up all with the same excuse, I would be thinking that there was something fishy going on. I am not Neil Redfearn though.

The six players in question are: goalkeeper Marco Silvestri, centre-backs Giuseppe Bellusci and Dario del Fabro and three strikers in Mirco Antenucci, Souleymane Doukara and Edgar Çani. The group in question are alleged to have informed Leeds’ head coach Neil Redfearn that they wouldn’t be available to travel for the Charlton game on Saturday whilst at Leeds Uited’s training complex, Thorp Arch, this morning. In an article published in the Yorkshire Evening Post (online), Phil Hay writes that,

“The group are believed to have trained without problem on Thursday but none of them travelled with United’s squad to London and they will be missing from Redfearn’s 18-man group at The Valley.”

One of the Leeds players in the group mentioned, goalkeeper Marco Silvestri has posted on Twitter that contact with Cameron Jerome in Tuesday’s defeat to Norwich has led to a back injury.

To support this, Silvestri also used the social media platform to show the following picture in an effort to placate Leeds fans who are about to send Twitter and Facebook into foaming meltdown.


MS injuryOther players on the ‘list’ are coming out on Twitter to justify their injury status, the vitriolic backlash they are being met with from supporters angered at the ‘Sudden Six’ injury crisis whilst deplorable in the wording of some personal attacks, is understandable in the frustration felt by run-of-the-mill Leeds United supporters often surviving on a diet of misdirection and lies from club level and left surviving on scraps of truth. The latest to defend his injury is Mirco Antenucci,

the comments that follow on this status are nothing more than deplorably disgusting, a total disgrace.

With all that is going on up at Elland Road such as sackings, alleged don’t play him threats, player disputes, financial plights, owners temporarily banned as criminals, auditors being probed etc etc etc then it isn’t a surprise that the latest act to arrive at the Cirque du Leeds United is something like this.

Injuries or not, I cannot help but think of what Marcellus said to Horatio in Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’

“Something’s rotten in the state of Denmark.”

Seems Leeds is the new Denmark at the moment and something up there is definitely rotten.


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