, Leeds United – Redfearn confirms fans’ thoughts

Leeds United – Redfearn confirms fans’ thoughts

With one answer to one question in his post-match interview, Neil Redfearn confirmed what most Leeds fans are thinking at this very moment in time,

“I thought we were poor.”

The only saving grace really was that there were no Cardiff fans there to laugh at us.

In his post-match interview Redfearn admitted the passing was laboured, that Leeds’ performance was riddled with mistakes and that he was so bemused that he found it difficult to explain just went wrong. I might be able to help him out a little with reference to the words of Spanish philosopher Georges Santayana who died without seeing the current Leeds United team play but who would likely have shook his head at yesterday’s performance anyway. Santayana famously said,

“Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Evidence? The two Cardiff goals would be evidence enough. First goal: corner lofted in, flicked header on and goal. Second goal…well see the first one really. Redfearn kind of alludes to this when he says that Leeds have been consistently solid at the back, well compared to the shambles of the 2014 part of the campaign, and that today’s performance saw the back line all at sea.

Redfearn cut a dejected figure in his interview, like a man with much weight on his shoulders. General Spears, Winston Churchill’s envoy to France once said,

“The hardest cross I have to bear is the Cross of Lorraine.”

At the moment Redfearn is bearing the weight of: only being coach to a club where decisions are allegedly made ‘higher up the chain’, running a club where strings are being pulled from elsewhere, gelling a team where their are accusations of players chasing each other across the car park in anger, running a club that has sacked his assistant Steve Thompson under circumstances that no one is sure about…the list could easily be extended to Oxford Dictionary status.


The performance was, well it was equal measures of disappointing and shocking with a soupçon of abject apathy as a garnish. Redfearn bemoaned the poorness of the game from Leeds, the lack of competitive spirit from the Leeds team, the decision making, in fact the whole shebang was bemoaned. He admits that the team need to pick themselves up from the Cardiff performance in order to find a level of acceptable consistency for the game against Norwich, who are fighting for promotion.

Perhaps his most telling comment was regarding the fans and the performance, should it be replicated in future games,

“They’ll stick with it for so long but, y’know, they won’t wear that and..erm..I fully agree with them.”

That’s the thing with Leeds fans like myself, we stick with it but like Redfearn hints at, how long can we be expected to. It’s not the performances that I worry about; football is like life, you take the rough with the smooth. It’s the support that Redfearn isn’t getting, it’s alright having the quartet of former-Academy stars playing well and attracting interest but where’s the ambition? Where is the statement from Leeds United as a club that says “Neil, we’re fully behind you. This is what we are going to do.” The plain thing is, and this is painfully obvious to all, the statement and commitment from the club isn’t there.

What is there is a constant circus atmosphere…cue the ‘March of the Gladiators’ music.

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