Redfearn wants Leeds United to throw 10 bob in the meter

First off, Neil Redfearn is not advocating that Leeds install an electric meter. Nor is Redfearn tapping up players and staff for 10 bob pieces to feed said meter.

Neil Redfearn, like everything seemingly at Elland Road of late, is in the dark on things. Steve Thompson’s dismissal – in the dark. Nicola Salerno’s ‘is he/isn’t he’ job situation – in the dark. Takeovers by various ‘interested parties’ – in the dark. There is so much ‘in the dark’ at Leeds that it’s a wonder they pay the leccy bills.

Anyway, Redfearn is urging the ‘powers’ of Elland Road to throw themselves behind his stewardship of the club, seeing as he is only contracted to be Head Coach until the end of the year. 49-year old Redfearn is keen to carry on beyond that saying,

“I’m tough enough for the job and believe this club can be really successful.”

Redfearn is buoyed by the performances that he sees day in, day out on the training ground and firmly believes that there is something special germinating up in LS11, something special that he wants to be a part of. It is this success that both Redfearn, in particular, and Leeds fans in general want to see driving the club forwards. Redfearn says,

“On the pitch and on the training ground, I can see these young lads blending and finding their feet. I can see the seniors buying into the philosophy of what we are trying to achieve and I can see the overseas lads integrating. I can see that they are finding their feet in the Championship of what’s expected. And I can see it getting better and better. I’m tough enough to deal with being in charge of Leeds United. I think that’s important and I think people are perhaps seeing that.”

Bearing this in mind, and speaking from the position of a Leeds fan myself, dig deep Massimo into that pocket of yours, Push the fluff to one side and throw a little light onto at least one situation at Leeds United. Get Neil Redfearn signed up beyond the end of this campaign. Let’s have a bit of continuity at Leeds, a bit of stability that allows the club to push forward.

It might cost you more than 10 bob pieces but it’ll be worth it in the end to have a bit of light at the end of a tunnel where Leeds are concerned, rather than stumbling through said tunnel in the darkness.

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