, Leeds United and Mirco Antenucci – Agent’s view

Leeds United and Mirco Antenucci – Agent’s view

Antenucci smallWhen the brown stuff hits the fan at Elland Road, it definitely hits with force. The fan is always on full and the smelly stuff is always blown around, splattering everything it hits. Tom Carnduff  wrote yesterday about the rumours abound regarding why Leeds’ topscorer, Mirco Antenucci, wasn’t playing for Leeds United with any reglarity. The rumour doing the rounds was that it was all down to potential bonuses and extensions triggered by a further goal, should Antenucci score again. It seems that this rumour has taken on an additional turn with a statement from Mirco Antenucci’s agent, Silvio Pagliari.

“In reference to the rumors on behalf of Mirco Antenucci, Silvio Pagliari intends to clarify the following. Last summer Mirco has signed a two-year contract with Leeds United AFC and like all the other players he has a fixed and a variable part on the contract, in which yes it is true that he will automatically get another year on his contract from the 12th goal.”

However, with further rumours circulating that Leeds’ assistant coach Steve Thompson was ‘suspended/sacked/let go’ based on the fact he allegedly refused to kowtow to demands that Antenucci play no further part in the run-in to the end of the season, things took on a decidedly spicy feel up LS11 way. Silvio Pagliari has taken up this issue directly with Leeds’ Sporting Director, and executioner of Thompson’s contract at Leeds United, and says that,

“I know [sic] Nicola Salerno for years and he has assured me that it isn’t absolutely true that this is the reason why he isn’t playing and that the reasons are exclusively technical.”

Well, Leeds fans will no doubt be scratching their heads at what kind of technical ability a striker may be lacking that allows him to hit double figures in a team that has largely underperformed in the 2014 portion of the 2014/15 Championship campaign. As Pagliari himself, empathically sharing the utter bewilderment that Leeds fans are feeling, says,

“Mirco could be the only one striker in the world who has problems due to score a lot [sic] and to be the top scorer of his side! “

Madness, madness abound that in the Victorian era would have seen a man commited to Bedlam for such irrational actions. Mirco Antenucci, his efforts and goals have turned him into a firm crowd favourite, both at the stadium and on social media sites where ‘Fear the Beard’ has become a much-used tagline.

Mr Pagliari, welcome to the madness that is Leeds United. It seems that whilst we may have a different ringleader at Elland Road, the circus stays the same.


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