, £12m venture leaves Cardiff singing the Blues

£12m venture leaves Cardiff singing the Blues

£12m is a lot of money, well relatively a lot compared to the shrapnel that I have in my pocket at the moment. It could have bought you Ross McCormack and you’d still have £1m left over to remind you of the folly you just committed. Spending that much and not getting much in return is bound to leave you kicking yourself, the wall…even the dog.

Cardiff feel like that now.

Cardiff’s £12m Ninian Stand to be ‘mothballed’.

On the back of disappointing season ticket sales for next season, Cardiff have taken the decision to close the £12m Ninian Stand, less than a year after its inaugural opening in time for the Real Madrid vs Sevila UEFA Super Cup game played at the venue in August 2014. When it was opened, the stand added 5,338 seats and increased Cardiff City’s capacity to almost 33,500.

During Cardiff’s Premier League campaign, the Welsh team regularly pulled in home crowds of 27,000-plus but these figures have plummeted to around the 20,000 mark since relegation from the top flight. A club statement on the matter said,

“The Upper Ninian Stand will not be in use for the 2015-16 season. All season ticket holders who have already purchased seats in this area will be personally contacted to discuss moving seats.”

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