Mandaric: I will cherish Sheffield Wednesday memories

Milan Mandaric has spoken for his love for the club and has claimed he is proud of what he achieved during his 4 years at Hillsborough.

Mandaric sold the club to Thai businessman Dejphon Chansiri for £37.5 million earlier this month.Mandaric remains confident that the move he made was the correct one, and that Chansiri is the right man to help the club move forward:

 “He’s very enthusiastic. He’s a very credible guy with a credible family and committed and fulfils his commitments. He’s got the financial means to push the club forward. He knows exactly what needs to be done and I’m quite positive he’ll do a good job. I also hope and I know our wonderful supporters will give him the support – do a similar thing what they did with me – because he’s going to need that. He’s going to need supporters to come forward and give him a chance to produce what they need and what they deserve.”

Milan Mandaric returned to the club and showed how he finds it unusual to not be around, by quoting that it was a ‘strange feeling’.

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