No Deal For The Den


 Two companies who have been bidding for naming rights at The Den have had six-figure offers rejected.

Millwall turned down the lucrative offers because both bidders wanted to completely change the historic name of the stadium. The club are looking for a partner to sponsor the ground but have no intention of “selling the soul” said Alan Williams (Commercial Director). Williams told the Southwark News “We had two options but we turned them both down because they didn’t fit with what we wanted to do. For me, it is fundamentally important that we keep ‘The Den’ in our name – and they didn’t want that. The offers we had were from brands that didn’t really work for us. We would have just been taking the money and while that is very important we have to be respectful to the supporters and the history of the club. It would have to be ‘The something Den’ or ‘The Den powered by something’ – but whatever we go with, its really important that we don’t completely change the and and devalue our brand. The options that we had weren’t right.”

He added “The two we looked at were £280,000 and £300,000-a-season, which is more than our shirt sponsor. That’s big money but it wasn’t big enough for us to devalue our brand – changing the name of The Den has to be financially viable for us.” He also said “We have a very powerful location. 100,000 people go past the stadium every day on the train, which means we have big eyeball value.”

Millwall and Alan Williams will hold out for the right deal for the naming rights of The Den.


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