Millwall Captaincy Up For Grabs

Holloway has admitted that the Millwall captaincy is there for the taking.

He is yet to decide who will captain the team next season but revealed Nicky Bailey and David Forde are in with a chance. Danny Shittu and Paul Robinson shared The Lions armband last year but neither defender finished the 2013-14 campaign as a regular feature in the side. Alan Dunne, who took hold of the armband during the eight game unbeaten run, is also in the running to be captain.

Holloway said “Whoever my captain is needs to be fit and play a lot of the games – captains don’t really talk that much when they’re not playing. Robbo and Danny have both ben captain but they didn’t play at the end of last year which is a strange scenario. They are great lads and I’m sure they’ll accept whatever I do. Bailey probably does more talking than anybody else. He’s loud and he’s a good organiser and that’s especially important in midfield because most of them are far too quiet.”

“I want a team full of captains really, not just one. It’s a small thing in football – not like cricket where the captain helps pick the team and the tactics. In a good team you’ve got to have lots of communication and that’s what were working on at the moment. But we do need to have a voice in the right place.”

“At the moment I’m looking for leaders to step forward. You could argue that David Forde should be captain but I’m not sure he can make people hear him from his own penalty area. Having said that, I might make him club captain and then pick someone else to be team captain – I really don’t know yet.”


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