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72 Football Shirt Prices 2013/14

We’ve had a few calls to do a shirt-price comparison. Nothing too indepth, with shirts based on medium-sized short sleeve mens, and the same for Junior shirts. 

We’ve ranked both the adult and junior shirts by individual league, and ranked through 1 to 72.

Some difficulty in finding some prices, as some websites are just that bad (looking at you, League 2).


Official Shirt Prices (full list below)

As you’d imagine, the Championship has the highest average prices. However, it’s be a natural assumption that League One costs more than League Two. Therefore, it’s strange, and somewhat wrong, that the League Two’s adult shirts are more expensive than the League One alternatives.

I was looking this week at a Lincoln City shirt for £42, and they’ve not been in The72 since 2010/11. So are the clubs just playing on the fans, or would they do better knocking a tenna off, and having more people buy them?

Here’s the averages:


Most Expensive (adults)

There are 7 clubs who’s shirts are £45 or greater. It may come as a surprise that only 4 of these 7 are in the Championship, with 2 League One and even a League Two in the line-up. Rovers fans – love to know your thoughts on twitter @FBL72.


Least Expensive (adults)

I’ve veered away form putting CHEAPEST SHIRTS, as the shirts actually don’t look cheap. The two cheapest actually come from League One: both Coventry (£24.99) and Wolverhampton (£25.00) take the prizes for being the best value.

With Wolves great support and attendance stats, is it the promise of quality merchandise and fairness in it’s prices that attract the crowds? A little good-faith with the fans can go a long way.




So maybe here’s the important question – Does your support for your club waiver if you think you’re paying too much for a shirt?  If you could get your shirt for what Wolves and Coventry charge, would you be more likely to go to games, holding a little bit more faith in your club? Or will you end up handing over whatever it takes to get your hands on the latest season’s kit, and give your club that extra cash injection.

Let us know your thoughts @FBL72



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