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Six Stickers: A Journey to Complete an Old Sticker Album

This week, The72 were sent a nice little book from the publishers to give away to our community: Six Stickers: A Journey to Complete an Old Sticker Album, by Adam Carroll-Smith (@ACarrollSmith).

Buy it here on Amazon – New from £7.98

We’ve run a RT to enter competition to get a bit of publicity for Adam’s book, but in the mean time, I’ve had a little read.


It’s a trip back in football history: names of the past when we were all much younger, and probably collecting Panini stickers. What Adam thought was a full album, his crowning glory, was infact incomplete, leading him on a trip to track down and replace his six remaining stickers in an extraordinary way. Beyond that of writing to Panini and asking for a certain sticker, he was on a mission to track these footballers down and make the remaining stickers a true experience – meeting them, taking their picture, and adding more than just a sticker to his ’96 album.

Tracking down Phillipe Albert in Belgium and turning up at his house is only a little short of stalker-territory, but encompassed is the true passion and romanticism for the game – and how much it’s changed over the past 20 years.


Not the normal football book for football fans, but one to be on the Christmas’ lists of 2013. Even if it’s an early prezzie to yourself. 


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