So, how well do you know the current Watford squad?

Okay, so you probably know who they are, but do you know where they came from?
For anyone who hasn’t played our version of three-club trivia before, it is similar to the classic game of naming three clubs, and guessing which player links them, but in reverse.

We will put the players picture up, and then four clubs, all you have to do is pick the wrong answer… for example, Watford Legend (of sorts) John Barnes played for Watford/Liverpool/Grimsby/Newcastle… obviously all of todays answers currently play for Watford, but which other clubs have they been at?

This could be tricky, in some cases we may have had to include youth teams, but you know your Hornets, yeah?

Lets see how you score, and if you play these sixteen questions, please tick the correct poll box at the end, we want ot know how you scored!

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How did you do?


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