Friday just gone was domestic deadline day for the late-summer transfer window. It allowed Premier League clubs to wheel and deal with EFL clubs in the domestic market. One such deal was between West Brom and Nottingham Forest regarding Polish winger Kamil Grosicki. It was a deal, say some, that failed to materialise due to a 21-second registration delay.

The gist of this line of thinking is that some hang-up led to a delay in Grosicki’s paperwork being transmitted to the EFL. The length of this delay, a miserably measly 21 seconds.

21 seconds doesn’t qualify as a lot but it is time enough for the deal not to have currently been given the green light by the authorities. As of this moment in time, Grosicki is not a Forest player and remains on the books at the Hawthorns.

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However, some reports are saying that Forest are adamant that a deal has been done between Premier League West Brom and Championship side Nottingham Forest. Onne such view is put out there by Polish commentator and sports report Mateusz Borek:

Translation for the above tweet:

Typical @GrosickiKamil Story. 60 seconds before the window closes, at exactly 17.59 he signs a contract with @NFFC The registration system does not send a confirmation. NF says the transfer has been completed. Kamil on his way to Nottingham. Out until the end of the season. 2-year contract in case of promotion.

Borek says that the deal is a done deal and that Grosicki will be at the City Ground for the remainder of this season with a two-year contract being granted to the 75-cap/14-goal Poland winger upon a subsequent promotion of Forest to the Premier League.

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Despite what Borek or anyone else thinks or writes of this situation, until official confirmation comes from the EFL then Kamil Grosicki remains a West Brom player and the move to Nottingham Forest is on hold.

Are the EFL being petty in not granting an allowance for paperwork supposedly being 21 seconds late in Grosicki deal?


21 seconds, that’s all.


Shouldm’t have left it until last minute.