FIFA 21 is out today and football fans across the world will be installing the game and getting down to play some virtual football.

Whether you prefer building your own side and taking on the world in Ultimate Team or fulfilling your fantasy of your favourite team winning the Champions League in Career Mode, football fans absolutely love this series. It helps that they have all the licences as well so you don’t have to play as Manchester Red like in it’s rival series Pro Evolution Soccer. (Even though PES usually has the better gameplay don’t @ me)

The greatest source of debate about the game is often not about the changes or if its really worth shelling out £60 every year for a game with minimal changes. No, it’s all about those player ratings. Even the players themselves can get worked up on what number the developers give them and it’s always fun to see who is the best in each side.

So let’s look at the top ten highest-rated players in the Sheffield Wednesday team.

Do you agree with Sheffield Wednesday's FIFA ratings?