For a player who has played just 28 top-flight games, Jamal Piaras Lewis has already caused quite the stir this transfer window.

Lewis, 22, has played 92 games for Norwich since the Norfolk team paid Luton to release him from their academy, and Lewis has hardly looked back, having represented Northern Ireland at youth and full levels, and cementing his place in the Norwich starting eleven, and this success has not gone unnoticed.

New Champions of basically everything Liverpool decided to test the water, intentionally low-balling the Canaries with a still quite generous offer of £10million (rumoured to include add-ons, as now expected in football) and the social platforms went crazy.

The two fan bases baiting each other, not willing to budge on opinion, it even got. Little spiteful, and then Liverpool signed a different Left-back, and it all went mad once more.

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Twitter: Jamal Lewis at home in the new Liverpool kit he bought wishing it was him (@t__lfc)

Twitter: RT @AJXR45: Jamal Lewis after seeing Tsimikas getting announced (@badaholt)

Then it transpired that Liverpool had been looking at Tsimikas first, and had assured the Greek starlet that he was first-choice, ahead of, yep, you guessed it…Jamal Lewis.

It seems there is no love lost between the two fan bases, with one side calling the other cheapskates/greedy depending on stance. And since the debacle, Lewis has not been linked with a variety of clubs, from Aston Villa to Leicester, as well as West Ham.

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Where should JL be right now?

Stay at Norwich

Unless its £20million


He has been robbed of a move

Don’t care

Its not news, it happens all the time