Replica football kits are a massive business and represent an important revenue stream for all football clubs, at all levels of the game. One indication of their pull can be seen in the 24 hours after Juventus announced the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo. Within a day, the Turin club had sold 520,000 replica shirts – a cool ยฃ46.7m of merchandise shifted.

That’s obviously at the upper reaches of the market but Leeds United don’t do too bad themselves and will see sales rise even more with a combination of Premier League promotion and Adidas as their apparel manufacturer. Using a three-year sales window, Leeds were 11th in replica sales; expect that to change, though.

There is a vague ‘later this month’ schedule for the Adidas replica shirts to be released. Fans cannot wait for this release. However, they have received a sneak peek into what might be in store for them with the announcement of the arrival of Joe Gelhardt.

The above tweet can be verified as an original picture of the new Leeds United Adidas shirt due to the fact that it is Victor Orta (left) and Joe Gelhardt (right) pictured holding it up.

It is a glimpse that has definitely whetted the appetite of Leeds United fans waiting for the home shirt to land. The Whites centenary home kit sold as many shirts in just 12 days as had been sold in 12 weeks with the previous kit. The grey/pink away shirt was blasted by some but still sold 4,000 units in just 24 hours to easily make it the highest-selling away kit in the club’s history.

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That record of sales in 12 days will be smashed when the Adidas shirt is unveiled. All that remains to be seen is if Adidas can manufacture it quickly enough. The demand will be there; here’s how some Leeds United fans have reacted to the leaked image.

Leeds United fans react to leaked image of Adidas home shirt

The following are some of the comments from the above tweet of the leaked shirt image:

Here’s a snapshot of what others are saying about the image that is doing the rounds.


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Leeds United fans, will you be buying the home shirt if it looks like this?

Yes, definitely.

It looks class.

Depends really.

What will release look like.

No, definitely not.

Bit bland, like.