Swansea City head coach Steve Cooper is now hugely unpopular with his own fans this week.

This is Week 4 of the Manager Approval Ratings series. This is where every week, we ask the fans whether they approve or disapprove of their manager. We then track the results over the weeks to see whether a manager has got more or less popular within their fanbase.

Last week in Week 3, Steve Cooper received an approval rating of +10. This was after he was approved by 50% of Swansea City fans with 40% of fans disapproving of him. 10% of fans who voted in this poll said they don’t know if they approved or disapproved of him.

Week 4’s results are as follows with changes detailed in brackets.

Approve: 15% (-35)
Disapprove: 79% (+39)
Don’t Know: 5% (-5)
Net Approval Rating: -64 (-74)

As you can see, Steve Cooper has become incredibly unpopular as the Swansea City head coach. While Cooper has had a negative net approval rating, in Week 2 he received a -8, this is an incredibly large unapproval rating which has seen him become one of the most unpopular managers in the country. This is despite Swansea doing well and looking like they might break into the Sky Bet Championship play-offs. With how volatile his net approval ratings have been during the time we’ve been doing this series, don’t be surprised if he suddenly has an approval rating next week should things go well.

Below is the full net approval rating results since Week 1.

Week 1: +84
Week 2: -8
Week 3: +10
Week 4: -64

Do you agree with Steve Cooper's approval rating?