Thomas Frank’s popularity as Brentford head coach has surprisingly dropped this week.

This is Week 4 of the Manager Approval Ratings series. This is where every week, we ask the fans whether they approve or disapprove of their manager. We then track the results over the weeks to see whether a manager has got more or less popular within their fanbase.

Last week in Week 3, Thomas Frank received an approval rating of +94. This was after he was approved by 97% of Brentford fans with 3% of fans disapproving of him. 0% of fans who voted in this poll said they don’t know if they approved or disapproved of him.

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Week 4’s results are as follows with changes detailed in brackets.

Approve: 94% (-3)
Disapprove: 6% (+3)
Don’t Know: 0% (0)
Net Approval Rating: +88 (-6)

As you can see, Thomas Frank’s popularity as the Brentford head coach has dropped over the last week. Usually, when someone’s popularity either goes up or down, we’ll have a good reason as to why that has happened. For this, we have no idea how a large enough swing that could not be written as within the margin of error could happen. Brentford are still in top form and could get automatically promoted if results go in their way. But this is what has happened and you do expect things to change in the opposite direction next week.

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Below is the full net approval rating results since Week 1.

Week 1: +94
Week 2: +95
Week 3: +94
Week 4: +88

Do you agree with Thomas Frank's approval rating?