Lee Johnson believes Graham Alexander’s managerial manner will lead him to great things.

The two young managers of League One clashed this Saturday as Johnson’s Oldham side hosted Alexander’s Fleetwood.

The two faced each other during their playing days and Johnson believes the former defender has the right manner about him to be a successful manager.

He said: “It’s the influence he had on players.

“He was a captain everywhere he went and he’s got a good manner about him.

“I’m pretty sure he’ll do well in football and it’s nice to see young British managers doing well.”

Johnson went on to say that Alexander enjoyed a career playing throughout all divisions and he was as intelligent a player as any he had faced during his time.

He added: “He was a really, really good player – a proper player.

“He wasn’t quick and had he been quick, he would probably have been world class; that’s how far I’d go.

“If he had decent, genuine pace he would have been top, top drawer.

“He had a long, great career because he was so good and professional, and I’m full of respect for people like that because it means he’s a football person.”



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