Slaven Bilic’s popularity as the West Bromwich Albion head coach has jumped back up this week.

This is Week 3 of the Manager Approval Ratings series. This is where every week, we ask the fans whether they approve or disapprove of their manager. We then track the results over the weeks to see whether a manager has got more or less popular within their fanbase.

Last week in Week 2, Slaven Bilic received an approval rating of +47. This was after he was approved by 69% of West Bromwich Albion fans with 22% of fans disapproving of him. 9% of fans who voted in this poll said they don’t know if they approved or disapproved of him.

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Week 2’s results are as follows with changes detailed in brackets.

Approve: 90% (+21)
Disapprove: 22% (-15)
Don’t Know: 3% (-6)
Net Approval Rating: +83 (+36)

As you can see, Slaven Bilic’s popularity as the West Bromwich Albion head coach has had a big jump over the lask week. This has seen Bilic’s approval rating get closer to what he had in Week 1 which was +94. A poor set of results had seen Bilic’s popularity nosedive last week but their form bouncing back has seen him become incredibly popular once again at The Hawthorns. In future, it will be interesting to see if Bilic’s popularity becomes more stable or if it remains volatile depending on the results that happen.

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Below is the full net approval rating results since Week 1.

Week 1: +94
Week 2: +47
Week 3: +83

Do you agree with Slaven Bilic's approval rating?