Leeds United was rescued from Massimo Cellino who was the third of the Unwise Men in succession to ‘run’ the Whites. To many fans, it was ‘ruin’ rather than ‘run’ for Cellino and GFH Capital and Ken Bates before him. In that respect, Andrea Radrizzani was a breath of fresh air.

He’s come into the club and changed the way it is run. Of course, not all Leeds United fans are happy, that would be an absurdity. However, it is under Radrizzani that the Whites have had their best successes in years, coinciding with the arrival of the legendary Marcelo Bielsa last season.

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Radrizzani is media-savvy; it is his background after all. He’s often seen on social media and is kept busy in the sports media industry. I suppose it doesn’t hurt to keep irons hot whilst owning one of the biggest clubs in English football.

Harry Trump/Getty Images Sport

He’s definitely been busy today and this can bee seen in the comments he made regarding football and the need to bring fans back to the game.

Radrizzani’s comments are a welcome change to those that are prevalent regarding football and fans. The social arena is all about fans not being in the grounds for the foreseeable future. Some are even saying that this could very well mean empty grounds until 2021.

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Whilst that is a need likely to preserve social distancing and drive the Covid-19 virus away from the larger public eye, it will be disastrous for clubs. No fans means no revenue and no revenue means that more clubs will go to the wall like Wigan have done only this week.

Is Radrizzani right to say that adjustments should be made to get fans back in grounds?


Properly managed, it would work.


It’s too soon for that.