News broke today that Ipswich Town have secured Luke Woolfenden to a new four-year contract,  which at the very least should please fans for the time being.

The popular academy graduate Woolfenden, 21, has been one of the few highlights this season, with an assured display of level headed defensive work whenever called upon.

The news will please Ipswich fans as the vultures were circling, reports of many Championship clubs and even Premier League scouts all taking a fancy to the Suffolk-born defender. Although the signing of a new contract won’t necessarily deter potential suitors, it does mean that it would take an exceptional offer for the club to be forced to sell.

Woolfenden has essentially extended his current deal from ending in 2022 to now 2024, with the club having an option on a further season, effectively tying the hot prospect to the club for what would be regarded as his development years, defenders often being referred to for their later than average potential blossoming.

Woolfy used the press release as a rallying cry “Obviously I’m delighted to sign a new deal, but for me, its about progressing here and getting this club back in the championship” adding “we have to finish what we started” hinting toward this season’s curtailment as a project yet to be completed.

Other than Woolfenden, Ipswich Town are set to be reliant on many of their youth prospects, providing, of course, the vultures do not begin to tear at the League One carcass that formerly won Cups and titles back in their heyday.

Focus now will switch to the need to hold on to Flynn Downes, Armando Dobra, Iris El Mizouni, Jack Lankester and many more of their colleagues, especially with highly thought of youngster Alex Henderson deciding against continuing his scholarship, and boarding a plane to the USA for an educational experience at Georgia State University, based in Atlanta.

Well, once they allow you to fly to the USA, that is.



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