Leeds United are committed to signing off on a deal for Helder Costa this summer, an obligation stemming from his loan-to-buy deal this season. Sources are also saying that the Whites are wanting to bring Jack Harrison in on a permanent deal from Manchester City. The cost – £25million.

£25 million is a lot of money for any side to be considering splashing out in the summer following this strangest of seasons. The cost of Costa is mitigated by the fact that it will be spread across a structured payment plan lasting until 2024. Still, that as part of a £25 million outlay is a big amount of money.

Noel Whelan, in conversation with Football Insider, sparks a little controversy by alluding that Jack Harrison is better that Helder Costa.

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On this point, Whelan said:

“He [Harrison] never comes off these days and that is a compliment to Jack Harrison. You see Helder Costa coming off and other midfielders coming off but he seems to be a permanent fixture now for Leeds. One that is out there until the end of the game every week.”

Big claim to allude to, bearing in mind the Jekyll and Hyde nature of Leeds United fans on social media. The thing is, is there an element of truth in what Whelan says when we look back at what they’ve achieved this season?

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Jack Harrison vs Helder Costa – a 2019/20 story

  • goals scored: Harrison (6) vs Costa (3)
  • assists made: Harrison (8) vs Costa (3)
  • shots per game: Harrison (1.7) vs  Costa (1.5)
  • dribbles per game: Harrison (1.8) vs Costa (1.4)
  • Dispossessed by an opponent: Harrison (2.2) vs Costa (1.4)
  • Bad Touches: Harrison (2.6) vs Costa (2.4)
  • Key passes (lead to shot): Harrison (2) vs Costa (1)
  • Average passes: Harrison (30.4) vs Costa (21.5)
  • Crosses: Harrison (1) vs Costa (0.2)

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There is an element of truth in what Whelan is saying. Well, at least in terms of their typical production coming out of their performances this season. Harrison beats Costa pretty much hands-down in most of the categories used above. The thing is, though, Leeds United are a side where all the individual components help to make the whole what it is, a well-oiled machine that is purring along.

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Data mentioned above derived from player comparison on WhoScored.com

Who is the better - Jack Harrison or Helder Costa?

Jack Harrison

Helder Costa

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