Every football fan prides themselves on their knowledge of their club. That is no different for Leeds United fans who devour anything linked to their club and players. Little facts, little quirks; yes fans always seem to be able to tell you something about their players.

Some things are easier than others for Leeds United fans to know and express to you. Take the nicknames ‘Bill’ and ‘Cookstown Cafu’; Leeds United fans will tell you in an instant that they belong to Luke Ayling and Stuart Dallas respectively.

For some fans, they go far beyond that and can name every game from a sequence stretching back many years. Others could probably tell you the goalscorers from the time that a David Hockaday managed Whites crushed Italian village side FC Gherdeina.

  Bristol Rovers lose out to Hull City in chase for Bristol City winger

They were: Noel Hunt Matt Smith (6), (3), Steve Morrison (2), Dominic Poleon (2), Lewis Walters, David Norris and Luke Murphy.

Some Leeds United fans have a bloodhound-like ability to seemingly sniff their players out at a great distance, recognising then in an instant.

Are you one of those fans? Have a go at our quiz and see how good you are at identifying the Leeds United player.

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Who is the Leeds player hidden by Ben White's knee?

Perfect Dozen or the Big '0' Donut? What did you get?

Perfect 12

Throwing it out there.

Creditable 9-11.

Throwing some shapes.

Passable 4-8

Throwing with accuracy.

Poor 1-3

Throwing but missing.

Big '0' Donut

Throwing the towel in.