Never short of an opinion, Ipswich Town’s Paul Lambert has offered his views on the future of football, and how he believes the fans will appreciate the new situation.

We can all agree that football will change after this pandemic, and indeed it is fair to say that none of us will really know what to expect, but luckily for us, Paul Lambert has offered up his beliefs on the future.

”The health and safety of people is obviously the most important through all of this” Lambert expressed in an interview with the official club site, “There are a lot of questions out there and not many answers” he continued when commenting on what we should expect. “Clubs won’t have the money to go and spend this and that” and he reiterated his belief that “ You’ll find youngsters will get a chance, supporters will be fine with that, I’ll be fine with that”

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It is no secret that Ipswich has no money to spend in a regular transfer window, and Lambert has often stated his intentions to play the youth, what with Ipswich having a productive academy, having used it to augment the team and in many cases finance the club with its sales for several decades.

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As always, ‘PR Paul’ managed to get in one of his bingo phrases, stating “it’s been as hard a challenge as I’ve had as a manager” adding “for different reasons” although his positivity in regards to the youth and future is well-founded “we have got a good group of youngsters coming through here and we will look to develop them into first-team players, over time”

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Typically an Ipswich fan will take that last statement in a different way, some reading what isn’t said as more of a stark warning, “over time” suggesting the new plan may not be an immediate assault on promotion, after such a disappointing season.

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