Reading fans approve of Mark Bowen as their head coach.

The72 is launching a new feature where every week, we ask the fans to vote on if they approve or disapprove of their managers. This takes inspiration from the polling done to see if we approve or disapprove of major politicians. This means you now have the chance to say if you are happy with the work your manager is doing every week and we’ll be able to see when a manager either gains or loses popularity.

Earlier in the week on Tuesday, we opened the poll to see if Reading fans approve or disapprove of Bowen as their manager. The full stats of the result, as taken at 12:45 on the 26th June, are below.

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Approve: 68%
Disapprove: 33%
Net Approval Rating: +35

As you can see, Bowen is widely approved of by the Reading fans, achieving a qualified majority approval. 68% of fans who voted approve of Bowen as their head coach while 33% disapprove. This has given him a net approval rating of +35.

Considering Reading’s position in the league, Bowen’s approval rating is not too surprising. He has been doing well with the Royals since he became their head coach earlier in the season, getting them out of the relegation battle and making their end of the season quite boring. For someone who has done that, the disapproval rate may be seen as a bit high. But obviously there are some Reading fans who think they should be doing a lot better than what they are doing right now.

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Do you agree with Mark Bowen's approval rating?