As many of you know, The72 was started by two lads over a pint. In the two or so months that we’ve been going, we’ve been a mistaken identity on a number of occasions whether it be a professional organisation or the Football League itself. Obviously we are neither and as such are still ruled by our daily graduate lives.

It is for this reason that the site has been quiet over the past week. I myself have temporarily moved to Sheffield whilst I do some media work and as a result I’m currently waiting on broadband. Whilst living without the internet can make you appreciate some of the finer things in life, it’s bloody annoying when you’re trying to run a website. Meanwhile, co-editor Joe has tied down some important freelance design work and likewise, time is limited for him in the immediate future. As much as we love running the site, we’re recent uni grads and we’ve got to make ends meat, as it were. So you’ll find that things may not be as consistent as some of your online big hitters. We’re trying though!

So, as of Monday we’re leaving you in the very capable hands of our friends at South Yorkshire Footie.  Both Jason King and Paul Epton have made a great job at getting their site off the ground and have kindly accepted our cry for help. Expect much of the same of the way of content over the next couple weeks. 5 things, attendances, opinion pieces and the rest will still make their regular appearances.

Any queries or questions should, as usual, be done via the comments box below, e-mail or on Twitter.


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