Shrewsbury Town head coach Sam Ricketts has told the Shropshire Star that he is still unsure where they will be able to sign players from this summer.

Part of Shrewsbury’s future is now known. Last week, it was decided that Sky Bet League One would come to an early end due to the Coronavirus pandemic. With the Shrews not qualifying for the play-offs, the one part of the league that will continue, that means their season is over.

But there is still a lot of uncertainty. Because no one knows when stadiums will be able to open up for fans, and therefore teams be able to make money by selling tickets, Shrewsbury like many teams don’t know what they’ll be able to spend on new players this summer. This is tough for Ricketts because as he describes, it’s a case of not knowing whether he’ll be shopping in Harrods or another store.

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Ricketts said: “It’s not easy because you don’t know the parameters you’re working in, so the range of players you are watching, analysing and looking into is larger than if you know the finances exactly,” Ricketts said of summer business.

“The biggest, when putting finances in through transfer fees and wages, if that you need to know where you are at.

“You need to know if you’re shopping in Harrods or where you’re going to go shopping. That narrows down the players you are looking at.”

Ricketts added: “I think you’re going to see less spending, lesser squad sizes, cutbacks from a number of sides, some might remain the same.

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“There might be a handful of clubs who can exploit the situation.

“It’s certainly going to be a bit of reality to check to football clubs, not just next season but the season after and the one after that as everyone comes to terms with this situation.”

Do you think Shrewsbury will have a good summer of signings?