Shrewsbury Town head coach Sam Ricketts has told the Shropshire Star that a salary cap is needed to make sure teams don’t go bust in the future.

Football clubs across the country face the biggest financial crisis since the collapse of ITV Digital at the start of the century. The Coronavirus pandemic means that teams cannot sell match tickets which is their main source of revenue. Some reports have suggested that clubs may not be able to open their doors until 2021 which would be an estimated loss of £2m for Shrewsbury.

This is a massive blow for Sky Bet League One and Two teams who do not have a big TV deal to fall back on. While teams have been using government schemes to try and survive, there has been discussions on what other policies could be brought in to help these clubs out.

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One of these ideas is a salary cap which is something that might help teams recover in the long run. And while Ricketts isn’t happy that it is needed, he has admitted that a salary cap will be necessary.

Ricketts said: “Believe it or not, and this is what I don’t understand, I think a salary cap will happen and, wrongly, it needs to happen.

“Quite rightly so, the chairman has been lauded recently for how he’s run the club and instances like this (pandemic) and what happened with Bury, people start to notice he’s done a good job.

“It baffles me that you need to introduce a salary cap for clubs to only spend what they can afford to.”

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Should a salary cap be introduced?