Outspoken Ipswich manager has offered yet more of his opinion towards how the season will be concluded, speaking to Sky Sports News, the one time Borussia Dortmund midfielder felt the need to weigh in once more.

Ipswich boss Lambert has not been shy in offering his thoughts, with this weeks opinion being on the points per game solution, although it is very much in the balance, with the twenty three clubs not having a clear majority leaning in any direction.

The more prosperous clubs, and those with something to gain from the continuation are keen to play, whilst those with financial constraints as well as those with something to lose are more likely to vote for cancellation options, depending on their specific situation however, the weighted PPG or in the new idea from Tranmere Chair Mark Palios, which includes margins for error, seem more likely.

Lambert told Sky Sports he is frustrated with the constant delays, with the EGM date formerly fixed on 8th June, now possibly moving to the 9th, Lambert complained: ”The problem is that we need leadership from the top to say ‘This is what’s going to happen’. I don’t think you’re going to keep everybody happy but I think everybody would accept it if there’s a decision made.”

Lambert wants the season to continue, believing his side, who are currently 10th, seven points off the play-offs with eight matches to play, would be in with a shout of making the top six, although it would require a large slice of good fortune.

“We’re not too far off it and we’ll have everybody fit,” he said. “You’ll be playing on a level playing field because you won’t have any fans but everybody would love to get the season finished but the longer this goes on I’m just not convinced it can happen.”

Lambert fuelled the fire with yet more frustrations “I think whoever is at the top of the EFL, they have to tell us what’s going on, this has been going on too long. We had a start date of May 16th at the beginning, then it moved to May 26th, now [we don’t have] a decision to train. When do we actually train or do we not? I think that for me is the frustrating thing, certainly for our team.

“Normally when you finish a season you know you’ve only got about six weeks off and then you’re back in. At this moment we don’t know what’s going on or what’s around the corner for us.”

One thing is for certain, regardless of next weeks decision, we are likely to hear from Paul Lambert.

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