Birmingham City are going to demand more upfront money from Manchester United in the transfer of Jude Bellingham according to a report from ESPN.

Over the last few months, it has been well-known that Manchester United have been trying to sign Bellingham. Despite being aged just 16-years-old, he has become a regular for the Blues over the last season and has been impressing for the Second City side. This has attracted interest from teams like Manchester United, Arsenal and Borussia Dortmund who all want to sign someone they think is the next big thing.

Due to their financial issues, and the fact all teams will need money to cover the losses of the lack of revenue caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, Birmingham have accepted that they will end up selling Bellingham. It is very difficult to keep any player when Manchester United are interested in signing them. But while they know they will be selling Bellingham, Birmingham are going to do their best to get as much money as possible.

That is why they are telling Manchester United they will only be selling their young star if they give them a lot of the transfer fee up front. In many deals revolving around young players, much of the fee ends up being based upon clauses meaning that the selling team can lose out if the player ends up not being as good as expected. By doing this and pressuring Manchester United in this way, they can get more money now and limit the chances of losing money later on.

Should Birmingham City do more to keep Jude Bellingham?