There is really little left to say about the style of play that Leeds United have adopted this past two season. Really, everything that could be said has been said.

AΒ quick recap? Well, Marcelo Bielsa came in, took what he saw, changed it to what he wanted and the rest is history. What can be seen on the pitch is what Bielsa has brought to the table.

It is a brand of football that has reinvigorated Leeds United and turned them from a middling outfit into a side that are genuine challengers for promotion. This season they are top and clear of the playoffs by seven points. Last season they made the playoffs.

Nigel Roddis/Getty Images Sport

It’s easy to buy into this ‘Bielsa is God’ meme that does the rounds, it really is. The truth is though, he has moulded Leeds United in his own image – just like God did with mankind.

Leeds United now play a game that tears sides apart. It is fast-flowing, powerful and incisive. Relying on quick transition play from the back, wingers bombing forward and players creating overload situations; it overwhelms sides.

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An example of Leeds United on the other side of the ball can be seen in the following Twitter video, along with a quotation that displays a part of the great man’s philosophy.

The press is an important part of Bielsa’s football philosophy and is seen in perfection in the above video. For the legendary Argentinian, it is a simple matter of haranguing the opposition until you gain possession, they make a mistake or they lump the ball upfield to relieve their lines.

Leeds United fans – the reactions

It is also a video and quote combination that has drawn many Leeds to comment at what they see. Here are some of their comments.

Watching that video and reading that quote gives you a flavour of what Leeds United are like. The best thing is, for Leeds United fans is that is not a one-off. They always play like that.

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