In mid-April, Leeds United were linked to PSG starlet Adil Aouchiche and named as a club expressing interest in the youngster. Now Arsenal are being linked to the teen midfielder in an ESPN report that sheds some light on what would be needed to bring any deal over the line for the Whites.

17-year-old Le Blanc-Mesnil-born Aouchiche is an attacking midfielder who has featured in one game for PSG’s first-team this season in Ligue 1. That was a 65-minute runout against Metz in an early season, 2-0 win. He’s played four games in the UEFA Youth League, scoring against Galatasaray. He’s also featured in two Coupe de France games for PSG’s first-team side and socred in the 6-0 thrashing of Linas Montlhéry in early January

The ESPN report puts a potential stumbling block in Leeds United’s way, stating that “Arsenal boss [Mikel] Arteta is keen on him, sources have told ESPN.” Interest from the Gunners would be one thing that would put the kybosh on any Leeds United interest in Aouchiche.

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Another possible obstacle that United would need to navigate around would be the monies that they would have to pay to land the exciting midfielder from the French giants. According to ESPN’s sources, this financial outlay would be quite substantial.

ESPN write that: “At the moment, his [Aouchiche’s] entourage are asking for a €4m signing on fee and wages of €25,000-a-week.” To put that into a perspective more understandable to Leeds United fans, the youngster would cost them £3.6million to sign and a weekly wage of £22,600-per-week in wages.

Should those figures be correct, then Leeds United might be priced out of any deal. They could afford it, yes, but it would be a deal that would likely have a domino effect with players in the squad wanting comparable wage deals.

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Should Leeds United be seriously considering a move for PSG starlet Aouchiche?

Yes, definitely.

Big things expected of him.

No, not really.

Better options elsewhere.