Huddersfield Town head coach Danny Cowley has told the Yorkshire Post that he believes behind closed doors football will take the soul out of the sport.

The Sky Bet Championship season has been suspended since March due to the Coronavirus pandemic but we are starting to close in on a return to action. While Hull City, and potentially more, are opposed to a resumption of the season, it is expected teams will vote to get things going again. However, due to the Coronavirus, these games will be played behind closed doors.

Playing without fans is a very unusual occurrence in the UK as it hasn’t even been used as a punishment for teams like it has been in Europe for a long time. This has led to a debate on what it is going to be like. Cowley is not a fan of the idea, saying it will take the soul out of the sport. He did admit though it is a necessity and hopes fans will be able to watch from home.

Cowley said: “It’s the people’s game and I think it (playing behind closed doors) will take the soul away from football.

“But it is going to be a necessity. I think (having fans back) can be achieved but it is further down the line and it has to be done safely. The quicker we can get supporters back into the stadiums the better.

“In the short term they must be able to get exposure to the game, we have to find a way of getting supporters affordable exposure to the game. Otherwise why are we doing it?”

Will football lack soul without the fans?