Northampton Town’s Alan McCormack has told the Northampton Chronicle and Echo that the team are closer than ever despite the Coronavirus pandemic.

While it is well known that both football and training has been suspended, most of the discussion on the latter discusses what effect that will have on the sport. Many have suggested that upon the return of football, many teams might struggle for fitness due to not playing together and the general quality of football will be down because of the limited time to train.

But training is not just about the work as a team but also becoming friends with your teammates, the often not talked about social impact. But McCormack has said that even though the Cobblers players have now been apart for ten weeks that they are closer than ever. They have been using their group chat a lot not just for serious talks on the current situation but also to have a laugh.

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McCormack said: “I think it’ll bring a lot of teams closer together and that’s certainly the case with us. We’ve got quite an open group chat and every player is involved in it and every player chats.

“One day it’ll be jokes and banter and a barrel of laughter and another day it might be quite serious about what’s going on in society at the moment,

“So it’s a very open chat and we constantly keep in contact with each other. We were a close changing room anyway because everyone gets on with each other and nobody dislikes anyone.

“We all graft and work as hard as we can and that really rubs off on everyone else.

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“If you speak to any retired footballer, the thing they miss the most is the dressing room so having nine weeks away from each other and not knowing when we’ll be back in, you miss the dressing room even more because there’s so many close friendships and we have a lot of laughter before we go out to play.

“We do miss that and we all look forward to going back to that again. It’ll be socially distanced at first and we’ll be divided into small dressing rooms but at least it gives us that stepping stone into having a full group back together again.”

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