Former England goalkeeper Paul Robinson has offered his views on Leeds United’s decision to support continuing the season and claimed he is not surprised that they want to achieve promotion on the pitch in an interview with MOT Leeds News.

The EFL votes are set to take place with a 51% majority being the deciding vote on whether to curtail the season with a points-per-game method or to resume the campaign to a finish.

Should the first be the outright decision then Leeds would be promoted as champions meaning the only way they could fail to reach the Premier League is if the season was to resume and their league form capitulates.

Robinson has said that playing on is the “right thing to do”. “Leeds’ stance, they’ve been very quiet throughout the whole thing so far because they’re in a very strong position.”

“If they were to say they wanted the season scrapped it would be seen to be the obvious thing because they have the most to gain.”

“I think they want to win it on merit and it’s the right thing to do. It puts any doubters, any teams that want relegation blocked or promotion blocked, to bed.”

“If the season is finished there will be promotion and relegation, and it’s the right way to do it as long as it’s safe for the players. There’s no confusion or people saying Leeds shouldn’t go up,” he continued.

“This way you play the games, you get the points, and you either get promoted on merit or relegated on merit. It’s the ideal way for the seasons to end.”

The stance taken by both Leeds and West Brom who are both in great positions to win promotion is a credit to them as the easy option would be to end the season and see them achieve promotion but the fact they want to achieve it the ‘right way’ is admirable.