Huddersfield Town is a side sitting in the lower reaches of the Sky Bet Championship. Where they are is only a brief time removed from the Premier League and a two-season stay at that level. They are proud of their community links, links that the board fully back. Club chairman Phil Hodgkinson is a vital part of that push and he’s spoken to the club website; not about the community aspects of the club but on his views about football going forward.

THe COVID-19 pandemic has affected not only life as we know it but also football. The latter has changed beyond recognition and it will take a long time until it’s anywhere near what it was like before. Getting there will take time and that is rightly so. There are bigger issues out there which must be considered alongside football.

Hodgkinson takes up this mantle when stating that the Terriers want the season to conclude naturally. On this point, he says: “The season should be completed when it’s safe to do so and there should be relegation and promotion. Everyone has worked hard; we are three-quarters of the way through the season. We are on board with that, but there’s a much bigger issue that needs to be discussed in tandem with that.”

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Alongside getting the season underway again, Hodgkinson says the preserving of football, in general, is the more important issue. Football all the way down the pyramid needs saving. ”

Hodgkinson is adamant on this adding: “For me, it’s all well and good talking about finishing the season, which is great because everyone wants that to happen, but you can’t agree to finish the season in these circumstances until there has been discussion, dialogue and agreement on how the football pyramid can survive a prolonged period without any revenue at all. For me, that’s a much more important discussion and agreement, which needs to take place than the completion of the season – it needs to happen in tandem.

The Huddersfield Town chairman is also critical of the EFL, in one respect, about the issues facing football and the organising body not acting on them. He writes:
I’m astounded… I wrote a letter to the EFL a week ago, to the EFL Executive who is dealing with this, asking for this to be discussed along with our ongoing discussions about completing the season. I’m really disappointed that I haven’t received a reply. We’ve distributed that letter to every football Chairman in the EFL pyramid and have had positive feedback and so on, but someone needs to pick this up.

There’s a lot going on in football at the moment, a heck of a lot. However, according to Phil Hodgkinson, there is a lot more that needs doing.