Bill isn’t one of them. Despite his goals this season, the right-back isn’t one of Leeds United’s top scorers.

Leeds United fans, if you go back to the 1971/74 season, Mick Jones was one of them – scoring 10 times in the league. In 1971/72, it was Peter Lorimer who hit 15.

Take steps even further back and names like Jimmy Greenhoff (1967/68) and Jim Storrie (1964/65) feature.

This ‘fill-in-the-blanks’ style quiz isn’t going to take you that far back. It also isn’t going to leave you high-and-dry wracking your brains for answers.

Yes, there will be a time limit but to counter this there will be some cryptic clues to help you along the way.

So, with all that in mind, have a go at the Leeds United quiz. Go on, how many of these Whites players to top the scoring charts in given years do you think that you can name?

Good luck and don’t forget to let us know how you did at the end.

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Hint Answer Correct
1991/92 - married to Leslie Ash
1995/95 - Ghanaian thunderbolt
2001/02 - former Scouse prodigy
2013/14 - not good at climbing fences
2015/16 - Big Kiwi
2014/15 - Fear the Beard
2009/10 - What shirt am I wearing?
2012/13 - Scores more than Berbatov
2005/06 - popular Irishman
2000/01 - Aussie powerhouse
1997/98 - Dutch maestro
1999/00 - big money buy from Sunderland

How many did you get? Manage all 12?

Perfect 12/12

Smashed it.

Impressive 9-11

Did well enough.

Creditable 5-8

Could do better.

Disappointing 1-4

Must do better.

Devastating 0/12

*hails a taxi.