To all Hull City fans, May 24th 2008 is the biggest day of their lives. The playoff final against Bristol City happened 12 years ago today, but for players and supporters like, they will remember the occasion like it was yesterday. From the brink of extinction to the Premier League in ten years marked a remarkable journey capped by a goal from home-town lad Dean Windass.

In a recent interview with Tigers Tigers Blah Blah Blah Podcast due to be released next week, the goalkeeper on that day – Boaz Myhill – revealed his memories of that day, and what may have motivated the goalscorer before the game.

Myhill revealed, “to start the day I remember getting on the bus to Wembley and Dean Windass said to Paul Duffen who was the chairman at the time – ‘If I score the winner, can I have your Porshe?’ Whether he got it or not, I can’t remember but he definitely said that!”

Myhill also discusses how well prepared the team was for the occasion and says it no doubt helped the Tigers reached the promised land on that magical day.

“We had such momentum… It was there in the future, then it was here, and it was just like another game”.

“I think the other thing that was very helpful was none of us had a clue about what would happen in the PL. None of us really thought about getting paid more money, or anything else like that… being on MOTD or anything crazy that happens to you when you’re in the PL…it was still just a game.

When asked about the pressure that he might have experienced during the game, Myhill said he always felt confident. “It was like playing in your living room… it was so comfortable, I never entertained that we wouldn’t win. We were well prepared, we had a team that was doing well and had good players… Brian Hughes, Richard Garcia, Wayne Brown… that was why they’d been brought to the football club because of their experience and they were good signings”.

One thing is for sure – Hull City fans will always remember 24th May, 2008 as one of the greatest days in the club’s history.