Peterborough owner, Darragh MacAnthony, is a man of high opinion and he is not afraid to speak his mind on issues. His voice, loud and clear, can be heard largely on Twitter where he regularly engages with football fans, sparring with a few. With football on lockdown, the fiery Irishman has been a fierce voice for League One to restart and play to a natural conclusion, rather than have a mathematical formula decide matters.

That could very well be a situation that is just around the corner with the EFL saying that seasons can be curtailed across their three divisions if 51% of clubs agree to do so. As said, Peterborough will not be one of those clubs who will be taking that particular course of action. The following tweet is a prime example of MacAnthony’s firm stance on the matter:

He’s spent a lot of Saturday evening on Twitter fielding questions from fans and answering them in a robust, honest yet respectful way. One particular retweeted and commented-on question (below) has received a lot of responses from Leeds United fans:

With both Leeds United and West Bromwich Albion in a relatively safe position, it would be easier for the clubs to want to fold in their seasons and gain ppg/mathematical promotion rather than duke it out on the pitch. That stance has gained the interest of the Peterborough owner, who is quick to agree with the way they are handling themselves.

Such a retweet was bound to garner a response from Leeds United fans. Here are some of the responses that they contribute.

Leeds fans even commented on the original tweet that Daragh MacAnthony retweeted, a statement (below) by West brom fan Hunty: