As a midfielder, first at Charlton and later at clubs like Leeds United and Newcastle United, Lee Bowyer was tenacious and snappy. Since returning to Charlton as their manager, this character trait is still there. However, even though he is the Addicks boss, comments he made to talkSPORT today show that you can take the boy out of Leeds but never Leeds out of the boy.

In words that cast a very positive light on the special relationship that Bowyer has with Leeds United, the Addicks manager said: “I’m delighted for Leeds and to be fair they deserve to go up. They’re the best side in our division, they are.

Leeds are currently top of the Sky Bet Championship table, one point ahead of West Bromwich Albion in 2nd. What is more crucial a gap is that to 3rd and Fulham with the Whites holding a seven-point cushion over the Cottagers who they are due to face in a true six-pointer.

Bowyer’s strong thoughts about Leeds United and his strong opinions of them continue with the Charlton boss admitting:
I’d love to see Leeds go up. I think they deserve to be in the Premier League. I think the Premier League needs Leeds, needs their support.

Continuing, Bowyer ends the excerpt with an emphatic reiteration of his main view – the quality that the Whites possess. Unequivocally, Boyer ends with: “They [Leeds] should be in the Premier League, I have no doubt. I believe if we do finish the season, they’ll be in the top two. They’re the best side in the league.

Strong words indeed from the Charlton boss but words that will be soft music to the ears of Leeds United fans.

Is Lee Bowyer right? Does the Premier League need Leeds United?

Yes, definitely right.

Premier League needs Leeds.

No, he's wrong.

Premier League can cope without Leeds.