When the ‘King of Corn’, Massimo Cellino, took over the ownership of Leeds United from bungling bankers GFH Capital, there was fan hope. That hope rested in the fact that the Whites were being rescued from a run of ne’er-do-wells in GFH and Ken Bates.

However, rather than being a knight in shining armour rescuing the damsel in distress, Cellino shoved her (in the form of Leeds United) into many murky puddles. What was a dream began to be lived out like some Orwellian nightmare.

Fans that wanted him to succeed and the Whites to transform and grow were suddenly fuming. The Leeds United vision that they had was changing in front of their very eyes.

Between April 8, 2014, and May 23, 2017, Leeds United under Cellino was not the professional outfit it is today. Indeed, when current owner Andrea Radrizzani took a 50% stake in December 2016, that’s when things started to change.

So, amidst the craziness, the shock and the madness…can you guess which of these things actually happened whilst Massimo Cellino was in charge of the Whites? Here’s one that didn’t make the list of 12 – he once invited Vern ‘Mini Me’ Troyer to watch a game and presented him with a Troyer-sized shirt.

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Did Massimo Cellino get banned for not being a fit and proper owner?

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