From Dwight Gayle to Britt Assombalonga, from Marcus Maddison to Jack Marriott, Peterborough have a knack of finding young talent and developing them before moving them on and reaping the rewards. Ivan Toney is the latest of that ilk and has shone at the club this season. As one of his recent tweets (below) shows, the young striker is fired up and raring to go once the lockdown is lifted. That is if he is allowed to.

The issue here is that Toney might not get a chance for his eagerness to prove fruitful with s return to action. The reason for this is that next week the EFL are set to vote on whether to curtail or continue their League programs. 51% of teams to vote for the cutting short of the League One season and Toney will not get his wish.

Peterborough owner, Darragh MacAnthony has been a big voice behind wanting to continue the season. He has become the voice for those who are of the same view.

Such a tweet from a club’s high-profile striker, the 24-year-old has 24 goals this season in 32 games, was bound to receive some kick-back from those who read it. That has proven to be true with a mixture of comments being made; some from Peterborough fans, some from neutral fans.

For some fans. Peterborough ones at least, there are comments urging him to stay at the club:

Other comments, though are aimed away from his importance at Posh and at the seriousness of the situation at hand:

Still, rival fans can’t help but get their digs in:

Is Toney right? Should League One push on to a finish?

Yes, definitely.

Win/Lose season on the pitch.

No, defintely not!

Bigger issues out there.