I will be honest, this one worries me, what if I make a mistake on the identities of the fearless Lions players?

Not to worry, Millwall is now regarded as a loving family-friendly club, right?

Regardless, I thought I should share a 15 question challenge for those warriors of Millwall, but can you tell your Neil Harris from your Chris Casement?

Millwall has always been (to me) one of those clubs that unearth incredible talent but rarely gets to hold on to them. Tim Cahill is, of course, one of their most famous discoveries, but the list is endless.  For players who have ventured through Millwall on their way up or down, or even just on loan, it’s like an essential tick on your CV to prove you are a ‘proper’ footballer.

There is one obvious trend, no player stands out on the list as a ‘show-pony’ to look down the names, its always hard-working, tough and direct.

Sounds right? See if you can identify these players

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EFL Royalty to begin with

Scores then ? Give us a hint at your skill


You even recognise this fella


This guy ruined a shirt of mine once, seriously


You’ve probably been


He’s coming for you… and he’s going to get you


He is coming for you….