Sheffield Wednesday’s Sam Hutchinson has told the EFL YouTube channel on how he cope with depression.

The 30-year-old midfielder has had a battle to get where he is today. He was seen as a top youngster but several serious injuries saw him retire at the age of 20. Hutchinson has said it was here when he started to suffer from depression, admitting he didn’t speak with his parents for almost two years.

It was in 2011 when he was persuaded to come back to football. He would have loan spells with Nottingham Forest and Vitesse Arnhem before landing with Sheffield Wednesday. He would become a fan favourite during his six years with the Owls due to his combative displays and the fact he is always working hard on the pitch.

But behind the scenes he still has battles with depression. However, Hutchinson has said that he has learned how to deal with it and that he has learned how to improve his coping mechanisms in recent years.

Hutchinson said: “I’m very aware of it now and I know how to deal with it. My depression used to come out in anger or arguments. I’d pick fights or be erratic on the pitch, I remember one season I got sent off five times.

“But now I’m aware of it, my coping mechanisms are a lot better.

“I use exercise to keep me on a level playing field because if I don’t then I will just fall into a deep depression.

“I don’t have any time off (from training). If I did stop then I would just be miserable.

“My main coping mechanisms with what I have got and the depression is to exercise, one, and to speak about it.

“That’s why I always find someone to speak about it. I find someone to vent and how depends. Sometimes it’s physios, sometimes it’s doctors. Sometimes it’s my mates, sometimes it’s my wife.

“It’s a difficult thing because sometimes you don’t want to speak about it. When you are depressed that’s one of the hardest things to do because you don’t want to do it and that’s why you get further and further into depression.”