Northampton Town’s Nicky Adams has told the club website that they have been touched by how supportive the fans have been of the club.

Because of the Sky Bet League Two season being ended early, clubs have started the process of refunding season tickets under a pro rata basis. However because League Two clubs rely on ticket revenue in order to survive, many have asked that if they are able to that they forgo their refund to help the club going in this tough time.

Adams has said that since the lockdown, the Northampton fans have seen lots of fans tell them how they are giving up their refund to help the club. He has said they have all been touched by this and this helped contribute to the players deciding to give up their bonuses and related fees for qualifying for the play-offs this season, something that has been lauded by fans across the country.

Adams said: “I have been so impressed with the supporters and the squad are overwhelmed by the support the club has had. I have been reading the tweets and for us as players, to read those messages saying they don’t want refunds, that is just fantastic. Football is so important to so many people and I am blown away by our fans.

“As a squad we have been so impressed with the support we have had from both the supporters and the club. I can’t say thank you enough for what the supporters have done.

“From our point of view it is even more important we try and get over the line and give it all we have got to get promoted. What better way to say thank you than by trying to get up to League 1. We want to test ourselves against some of the big clubs in League 1 next season, that’s what we will be trying to do.

“As players we had a discussion about forgoing the bonuses and fees but it was not a long discussion. We appreciate how the club have been with us as players. The Chairman has been great and I can’t speak highly enough of how he has treated us.

“The bonus schedule was set at the start of the season and based on the play offs generating income but we understand these are unique circumstances. There is no desire from us to do anything other than help, particularly given how well the club and the Chairman have looked after us. The decision was unanimous among the squad straight away. The club have been up front and honest with us and we want to repay that. We think it is the least we could do and all we want to do is to try and help the club get promoted.

“Money comes and goes, we want the memories and we will be going all out to create memories for the supporters in these play off games.”

Do you believe more teams should give up their bonuses?