Cardiff City head coach Neil Harris has told the club website that a phenomenal effort has happened to get the team ready for training on Monday.

Like the rest of the Sky Bet Championship, Cardiff have not been able to play or train since the Coronavirus pandemic hit the United Kingdom back in March. But plans have been underway to get football going again and while a large debate is happening on the issue, many expect the Championship to start again in June.

Training is set to resume on Monday though it was a bit more complicated for Cardiff as they had to get different advice to the majority of the league due to the fact they are based in Wales. This means that they have to follow advice from the Welsh government. However, they got confirmation they would be able to proceed with training on Thursday and their players are now undergoing Coronavirus testing ahead of the return.

On this, Harris said: “It’s been a busy couple of weeks gaining information from the EFL, UK Government and Welsh Government,”

“The Club have put things together really well and people have really stepped up. It’s been a phenomenal effort to put protocols and risk assessments in place and make it safe for the players to come back in.

“The majority of players and staff have now been tested. We await the results and hope that everybody is safe and well, ready to return on Monday.

“As players and staff, we all want to be in a safe environment for us and our families.

“I’ve always been very approachable and have had conversations with those who’ve raised concerns or wanted certain answers to put minds at rest.

“They’ve read the protocols and risk assessments and spoken to me and the medical staff. Now the players’ excitement to get back in is overwhelming.

“They are satisfied that they’re going to be in a safe environment on Monday – that was key for all of us.”

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