Football is currently on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its necessary lockdown. That has placed football in a state of suspension. That could be about to change with Championship clubs set to go back into more formal training. Next week will see the EFL clubs make a crunch vote on whether the season will kickstart back up. The Express and Star’s Joseph Masi writes that West Brom will vote to continue the season to a natural end.

That vote, scheduled for next week, will see the EFL present its proposal to its members about how the season should proceed and what would happen should the current pandemic situation cut it short.

Chief amongst the proposals is that any/all of the EFL’s three divisions can be curtailed/cut short if 51% of clubs vote in favour of this happening. It is thought that, in terms of the Championship, this would trigger a separate vote requiring 51% of the team (a vote of 14) to agree to curtailment.

Masi writes that if this vote comes around, and it isn’t certain it will, then “Albion will vote to play on with the Baggies backing themselves to win promotion on the pitch.”

This warlike stance is echoed by table-toppers Leeds United who has expressed similar sentiments. Championship clubs are not in unison, however, with Hull City and Derby County wanting to end things early and draw a line under the season.

Should the season be brought to a premature end, then a simple unweighted, raw points-per-game (ppg) formula would be the way that final positions and the relegation and promotion battles would be decided. As it stands, both the Baggies and Leeds would gain promotion.

Many West Brom fans have seized upon Masi’s retweet of his story and are free to comment. However, these Baggies fans are not unified in what they think of their side’s decision.

Some fans, like the following, think that West Brom’s decision to want to fight on is madness bearing in mind the stakes.

Others, like these ones below, think that it is the right thing to do – that promotion should be won on the pitch.

Next week will see the crucial vote. With the season said due to start around the June 20, early July could see which set of fans are right.

West Brom want to fight for promotion on the pitch. Is this the right decision?

Yes, definitely.

Glory on the pitch.

No, defintely not!

Too much at stake.