Many great players have worn it. Pele wore it and turned it into an iconic shirt. Georghe Hagi wove his Romanian magic in it. Roberton Baggio ballooned a penalty in it. Johann Cruyff mesmerised in total football in it.

You could also reel off players such as Eusebio, Puskas, Platini and Ronaldinho. Looking at today Lionel Messi carries on the marvel of it -the #10 shirt.

It has come to be more than just decals of numbers on the back of a piece of fabric. It has come to embody the player and the style of play and position that goes with the number.

For Leeds United, many greats have worn that number. Eddie Gray wore it in 1966/67 and 1981/82. Allan Clarke has worn it. In fact, even Billy Bremner wore it for a season – 1965/66.

What about more recently though? Which Leeds United players have filled out the famous number 10 shirt for the West Yorkshire side?

Try our quiz for the last 10 Leeds United players who the club gave the #10 shirt to. Don’t worry, even though there’s a two-minute deadline, we have given you a few hints to help you on your way.

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Loves Peppa Pig
Forgotten Swede
Now a Tyke
Now Swindon boss
Albanian nightmare
Argentine hero
Signed from Port Vale
Signed from Blades
Sounds like a disease
Loan from Marseille

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