Brand sells goods, it’s as simple as that. Combine it with sport and you are onto a definite winner. Look at the Jordan range of Nike trainers. The shoe range was part of the deal that Nike offered to get Michael Jordan onboard. The rest is history. That is why sportswear manufacturers see football as a lucrative market.

Taking a slight step away from the subject, Juventus paid Real Madrid a huge amount to lure him to Serie A. In shirt sales alone the Italian side recouped just short of £50million…in 24 hours. That’s massive exposure for the shirt manufacturers, Adidas.

Leeds United are due to swap kit manufacturers from Italian outfit Kappa to German brand Adidas for next season. Now, Leeds United are a massive draw when it comes to shirt sales, albeit not at the Juventus/Ronaldo level. Their grey/pink away shirt, one which split the fan base, was a record seller and by January had shifted 110,000 units.

That is a big pull and, according to Phil Hay writing in The Athletic, a big reason why Adidas has given the Whites a “partnership [that] will be lucrative, a tier-one contract.”  Adidas know that Leeds United will sell a ridiculous number of shirts bearing their branding. Get the simplicity of a white home shirt right and that 110,000 figure for this season’s home shirts will be smashed out of the park.

For the rest of this season, the nine-game promotion sprint finish, Leeds will honour the deal with Kappa. Next season though, it will be Adidas and that means a summer of wait, reveal and mass sales.

Expect a mad scramble as Leeds fans basically hold out their wallets and say “Take my money, just take it!”

Will the Adidas deal be all it's cracked up to be for Leeds United?

Yes, definitely.

Imagine the beauty of the home shirt.

Yes, perhaps.

Get it right and it could be.

No, definitely not.

Would prefer something different.